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This Is Nyron Nichols an Inmate at Lee County Penitentiary In Jonesville, Virginia. I am serving a life sentence for drug trafficking charges I was convicted for on December 19, 2007. I must give details about my self such as, I am thirty five (35) years of age, no prior misdemeanor or felony convictions, and the only Infraction on my recond Is for speeding approximately five miles over the speed limit. I was illegally set up by a Confidential Informant (CI), who worked for the Roanoke Police Department (RPD) In Roanoke Virginia,who was a two or three time prior drug trafficker,and was desperate to avoid his punishment for his drug trafficking violations which would have subject him to a mandatory life sentence. After being Indicted In reference to the illegal charges by this CI and the government, the government subsequently created a multi kiligrams of cocaine powder conspiracy against me, which resulted to over 3,000 kilograms of cocaine powder. The conspiracy was supported by the testimony of several jailhouse witnesses awaiting sentencing of mandatory life. The government had no evidence to prove that these witnesses knew or even had any dealings with me.Furthmore, during trial the government claimed to have been investigating me for over ten years, but the only evidence they could produce against me was the charges that stemmed from the Confidential Informant-which started a month prior to my arrest, and the jailhouse witnesses statements dated and obtained after my arrest, plus their testimony had no physical evidence to corroborate their allegations. My reason for creating this web-site Is to bring some things to the public's attention that has been going on for decades, but hardly know to the public, and to gain some public support to expose the facts relating to my illegal conviction which will be helpful In vacating my sentence . Government officials are building fabricated cases from the use of jailhouse witnesses, and are orchestrating the fabrication to convictions. I have worked diligently for over five years to prove this and have all the evidence In my possession to prove that Innocent Individuals-at a mass number Lives are being taken away by illegal tactics. All witnesses In my case were two or three time prior convicted felons for trafficking nacotics, facing mandatory life sentence, and has now all substantially dropped their sentences to approximately eight years for their testimony against me .From the new change In the crack law enacted by President Obama, some has been released and the others should be released no later that this year or next year. I have the evidence to prove the Inner workings of how easily the government are fabricating cases against defendants, which this material Is sensitive, and should never fall In the hands of anyone who Is In favor of government misconduct. The majority of this evidence has been produced by well skilled Investigative team hired by my family . Please take note, that If anyone tries to harm me or destory my evidence ,the Investigative group has an official copy.
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Cyntoia Brown

Gina Mitchell is the birth mother of Cyntoia Brown.

In a world where children are finding themselves caught in the chaos and fear of abusive parents leading abusive lifestyles, is it any wonder so many children are finding themselves facing lengthy prison sentences.
Cyntoia Brown is one of these children, born into a life of parental drug and alcohol abuse, prostitution and eventually being placed in foster care.
She was influenced early on in life that the way to treat others was the way she herself was treated, that to survive prostition was not a quick way to earn money but a survival tactic.
Society continually condemns and screams for change where children are physically and sexually abused, emotionally abused, Unless it seems this very child commits a crime viewed as so heinous no one should reach out and try to save her.
Placing children in Adult Prisons has become a very matter of fact procedure in the court rooms of the US, placing them in situations of fear and abuse very much identical to the life they rebelled against on the street.
If a child commits a serious crime of cause they must be punished, but the focus should be on rehabilitive not retrubutive.

Cyntoia Brown

At 16, Cyntoia Brown took the life of a 43 year-old Real Estate Agent she met at a fast food parking lot in Murfreesboro (south of Nashville) and who brought her to his house. Whether this was a sexual transaction gone awry between a 16-year-old girl desperate for money and scared of being killed or, as friends and family of the victim have claimed, the slaying of a good Samaritan, we will never know.
What we know is Johnny Allen was found in his bed, naked and shot in the back of the head and 16 year old Brown was tried as an adult, convicted and facing life in prison.
Cyntoia's story is not unusual, According to the Juvenile Justice Foundation there are at least 2250 juveniles in the U.S. sentenced to life without parole for offenses committed when they were under 18 years of age. Cyntoia Brown of Nashville is but one young person who will spend the rest of her life in prison.


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Christy Clinton Phillips

About Christy
 My name is Christy Clinton Phillips. I am being held in prison under violations of my civil and political rights I need help in fighting for the protection of these rights. The issue of my case in short form, is as follows: I was 15 yrs. old when my crime occurred and was sentenced to life in prison. According to the UN INTERNATIONAL COVENANT ON CIVIL AND POLITICAL RIGHTS(to which the United States is a party to) AND CRC(Convention/Committee on the rights of the child). a life sentence for a child is explicitly prohibited under article 37(a) of CRC and(article 6 the right to life, survival and development) paragraph 11 and paragraph 77. Under article 14(g)4 the court procedure must be such as will take account of a juvenile persons age and the desire ability of promoting their rehabilitation. In my case, the court did not take my age into consideration nor did they promote rehabilitation by sentencing me to LIFE in prison. "LIFERS" in prison are mostly denied access to rehabilitative services because of the lengthy sentence. Article 14(g) also prohibits law enforcement to cause a child to be compelled to testify against himself or to confess guilt. In my case, I reported a homicide, I was held in the lounge area of the Rialto Police Station over night and interrogated the next day. I requested to the interrogating officers three times if I could be taken to a telephone to contact my mother I was told that I could not contact anyone outside the police station until after I was interrogated. After being held away from home and in a police station over night, I was intimidated confused and tired so under duress I cooperated with them I was under the impression that I would not be allowed to go home until after I cooperated with them. During my interrogation the detectives made it clear that they wanted me to admit guilt and would not end the interrogation until after I had done so, I did and was convicted and sentenced to life in prison based on that coerced confession.

 Letter of support:Christy Phillips W-94100 C.C.W.F. P.O.BOX 1508 512-11-4up Chowchilla, Ca. 93610 

Terrance Bowman-Taylor

Terrance Bowman-Taylor is currently on death row in North Carolina for crimes he did not commit. He was a college student from New York who came to North Carolina to visit his relatives and some friends and never made it back home. He was wrongfully arrested and convicted of allegedly causing the deaths of two men . They died from multiple gunshot wounds and were reported to have been together when they were allegedly murdered at the same time in one single incident.

Terrance did not cause the deaths of these men. He was wrongfully arrested, unfairly tried and illegally convicted of these crimes solely on the false testimony of a man named Venice Taylor. Venice Taylor was detained and questioned as the initial suspect in this case. He is a convicted felon who has a very extensive criminal history that includes several felony convictions including repeated charges for giving false information to the police and evading, eluding and resisting arrest. When he was detained and questioned as the Initial suspect in this case, he had numerous pending and outstanding warrants out for his arrest. However, he was never arrested for any of those outstanding warrants while he was in police custody and was driven home by a police officer after he gave the police a false statement implicating Terrance in these crimes.

Venice Taylor a known drug dealer and drug user who was a bitter rival of the decedents in this case in the drug trade. Venice Taylor has been arrested and/or convicted more than 17 times since he falsely testified against Terrance and he is still allowed to roam the streets and break the law while Terrance sits wrongfully on death row. Venice Taylor suffers from memory loss and hallucinations. He lacks the ability to tell the truth and experiences hearing evil and violent sounds and voices that tell him to do violent things. He has been diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic and was allowed to testify falsely against Terrance. His trial testimony was completely inconsistent with the prior false statement that he gave to the police on the day in which these crimes were allegedly committed. Both his trial testimony and his prior inconsistent statement were contradicted and unsupported by the actual facts in this case.

Terrance should have never been arrested and convicted based solely on false testimony and statement of this unreliable, incompetent criminal. Despite the fact that Venice Taylor stated to the police that he was allegedly with Terrance and three other men when he allegedly witnessed these crimes being committed. Terrance Bowman-Taylor does not have any co-defendants. These other three men were questioned by the police and they verified that these crimes were never committed by Terrance as did several other potential witnesses that were interviewed by the police.

Terrance was the only man arrested, charged and tried for these crimes.

No one else was or has been charged in connection with this case.

There is no physical and/or scientific evidence that connects Terrance to these crimes.

Fighting for truth Curtis Jones 2012

The gross injustice being done to Curtis Jones at the hands of the Allen County Prosecutors Office! On December 01, 2008 Troy D. Phinezy confesses to the murder of Tracy Williams in Judge John F. Surbeck's courtroom! On December 01, 2008, witness testified that Troy confessed to him that he had done the shooting! April 27, 2012, eyewitness testifies in Judge Surbeck's courtroom that she saw the shooting and that Curtis Jones was not the person she observed running from the scene of thee crime! On April 27, 2012, witness testifies that he observes Troy Phinezy retrieve the murder weapon! On June 18, 2012, the same eyewitness identified Troy Phinezy in a photo lineup at the Allen County Prosecutors office

The photo lineup used by the prosecutor

Affidavit !

Fighting for truth CJ 2012

Petitioning Allen County Prosecuting Attorney Karen Richards


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Blade Reed

Thirteen-year-old Blade Reed is serving a 30-year prison sentence in the state of Indiana for robbery (with severe bodily injury). At the time of the offense, Blade had the mental capacity of an 8-year-old (he currently functions at the level of less than a 12 year-old), and had been coerced into participating in the crime. Blade's older brother was the instigator of the crime and threatened Blade with bodily harm if Blade didn't accompany him that fateful day. Though Blade is severely developmentally disabled, the courts threw him into adult court, and sentenced him as an adult. Now Blade is serving a long-term sentence in adult prison, where he has been repeatedly assaulted by predatory inmates and beaten by staff. Blade had always been dominated by his older brother Bennie. They had been through so much together—abusive parents, foster homes, adoption—Bennie was the only “constant” in Blade’s life. So on November 15, 2008, when a drunk Bennie Reed woke up his younger brother and threatened to "slice and kill" Blade if he didn't go out with Bennie to find more liquor, Blade naturally obeyed. Bennie (17) and Blade (13) rode their bikes to the nearby home of an elderly couple, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Voland. Bennie knocked on the door and when Mr. Voland answered, Bennie asked to use the phone. He told the elderly man that their bikes had flats and they needed to call for help. Mr. Voland obliged, and let Bennie in while Blade remained outside. Once Bennie was inside, Mr. Voland saw that the boy had a gun, Mr. Voland pulled out a gun himself, and a struggle ensued. Bennie was shot in the arm, he pulled out his gun, and shot Mr. Voland. Hearing the shots and commotion, Mrs. Voland entered the room and tried to help her husband. At this point Bennie was twirling his gun on his finger, and Mrs. Voland implored him to stop. “The gun could still be loaded," she said. “Let’s find out,” Bennie replied, and shot Mrs. Voland in the abdomen. Blade had been waiting outside all this time, but hearing the shots, came inside to see what had happened . Bennie gave him a knife and said, "kill the woman; there can be no witnesses." “I didn’t want to kill anyone,” Blade later told authorities. But he took the knife and pretended to do as he was told. He cut softly, so as not to kill the woman. She ‘d done him no harm and he was afraid of Bennie. Bennie and Blade were arrested less than 7 weeks later, whereupon prosecutor Jim Oliver filed for Blade’s waiver into adult court on January 12, 2009. The court ordered a psychological evaluation, the results of which were presented on July 17th. ennie and Blade were arrested less than 7 weeks later, whereupon prosecutor Jim Oliver filed for Blade’s waiver into adult court on January 12, 2009. The court ordered a psychological evaluation, the results of which were presented on July 17th. The psychiatrist hired by the court, Dr. Tonya Foreman, said she concluded that Blade had the mental maturity of a child of age 10 or 11. She said 97% of children Blade’s chronological age are more socially adept than Blade. Foreman said Blade had been treated and medicated for ADHD, with treatment ending nine years earlier. She said Blade had behavioral problems ever since, and warned: "If he goes and develops in an adult model center, he will be influenced by the other inmates." Another witness, school psychologist Barbara Jones, also testified that the 6th grader has learning disabilities and a mental age of less than 11. She said Blade needs special education classes, and that he has no deviant psychological problems such as being a sociopath or psychopath. The experts were right but didn’t go far enough in their evaluations. In-depth testing by a qualified expert has shown that Blade is autistic and only had the mental maturity of an 8-year-old at the time of the crime! Whether Blade had the mental development of an 8- or a 10-year-old, Blade was incompetent to assist with his defense or to even understand what was happening to him, and as such was denied due process. Nevertheless, prosecutor Jim Oliver attacked the experts’ testimony as biased and, in his words, “indicative of someone who is advocating as opposed to impartially evaluating and reporting their findings.” Oliver has been disproved by subsequent events. However, even though testimony at the waiver hearing clearly showed that Blade is extremely immature, suffers from severe ADHD, but amenable to the rehabilitation available in the juvenile system, Oliver was persuasive and the court waived Blade into adult court on July 23rd. At that time, Blade was moved from the Johnson County Juvenile Detention Center to the Brown County adult jail. In a plea agreement, he was sentenced to 30 years in adult prison. Blade is currently serving his sentence at Wabash Valley Correctional Institution, where he has been repeatedly beaten and assaulted and is severely punished by the prison for his psychological symptoms. Blade is suicidal and in imminent danger. Brown County IN prosecutor Jim Oliver has said that justice was served in prosecuting then-13-year-old Blade Reed, a sixth-grader, as an adult and placing him in adult prison. “He committed an adult crime and he has received adult consequences,” Oliver has said. Only two-thirds of the way into the first year of a 30-year sentence, Blade was sexually assaulted two times and almost three, attacked by other inmates three times with weapons (shanks or razors), seriously injured by staff once, attempted suicide four times, lost all gain-time, lost recreation, phone and commissary privileges, and had numerous psychological episodes for which he received inadequate therapy and severe punishment which only exacerbate his mental health issues. Blade’s autism and untreated ADHD and PTSD do not offer any hope that he will be able to successfully navigate life in adult prison or even survive it. This boy’s life is in imminent danger. What civilized human being can argue that Oliver’s “adult consequences” in any way approximate justice? In reality, Blade has received a death sentence. Blade Reed was born on August 2, 1995 in Morgan County, Indiana. He was the second son of abusive parents who not only neglected him, but also physically and sexually abused him. His birth parents’ parental rights were terminated in 2001 when Blade was just six. Blade and his older brother Bennie were placed by the state of Indiana in a succession of foster homes, which contributed to his unstable and damaging upbringing. He grew into an extremely shy, quiet, and frightened child. Both brothers were adopted by a loving yet dysfunctional family that was overwhelmed by Blade’s special needs and failed to address them. Blade lived an isolated life and had few friends. Blade's older brother Bennie was the only constant in his life and his most influential bond. Unfortunately, Blade was completely dominated by his older, twisted brother. He was a good little boy who never had a chance. 

“Falling Through the cracks in the system: The Leon Benson Story”

After i've inhumanely being subjected with the unimaginable experiences of 13yrs of false imprisonment in Indiana. i've come to realize that im the very definition of living vicarious: (Vicarious/adj. 1) experience or realized through imagination, second hand, or indirect participation in the experience of another. 2) suffered, undergone, or done as sustitute for another. 3) delegation. 4) taking the place of another) Firstly, on August 8, 1998 some reckless person murdered Kasey Scheon in cold blood, yet the law authorities forced me to stand trial for the same crime i absolutely had no involvement in. As a result, i felt the "second hand" wrath of accusations due to a killers reckless action. Secondly, because i was a young Afrikan-male from the hood & an adamant part of Hip-Hop culture, that mainstream media attach negative stereotypes. It generated fear in those who wasnt directly familar with my race, culture, & generation. Therefore, i became an"assigned delegate" for all the negative stereotypes of young black men, esp. the one who really committed the murder i was being tried for, when jurors found me guilty of the murder on July 8, 1999 using blatantly conflicting evidence & logic(probably saying he the only black dude being tried it must've been him). Finally, for 13yrs i've been falsely imprisoned in an Indiana prison under the weight of a 60yr sentence, while enduring all the pains & losses that comes with it"in the place of another"person who did the killing, & whose walking free in society as if nothing happened. I am still angered to no ends about the entire situation. Me & Kasey Schoen(R.I.P) remain the victims of a corrupt judical system. Vicariously, i hope you can feel my pain & stuggle so strongly that it sparks indignation within your heart & mind; allow this spark to compel you to sincerely extend a helping hand to resolve this injustice; & discover the gems of humanity & justice along the way. 
Contact Leon Personally: Leon Benson#995256 P.C.F 4490 W. Reformatory Rd. Pendleton,IN,46064