Tuesday, 18 September 2012


This Is Nyron Nichols an Inmate at Lee County Penitentiary In Jonesville, Virginia. I am serving a life sentence for drug trafficking charges I was convicted for on December 19, 2007. I must give details about my self such as, I am thirty five (35) years of age, no prior misdemeanor or felony convictions, and the only Infraction on my recond Is for speeding approximately five miles over the speed limit. I was illegally set up by a Confidential Informant (CI), who worked for the Roanoke Police Department (RPD) In Roanoke Virginia,who was a two or three time prior drug trafficker,and was desperate to avoid his punishment for his drug trafficking violations which would have subject him to a mandatory life sentence. After being Indicted In reference to the illegal charges by this CI and the government, the government subsequently created a multi kiligrams of cocaine powder conspiracy against me, which resulted to over 3,000 kilograms of cocaine powder. The conspiracy was supported by the testimony of several jailhouse witnesses awaiting sentencing of mandatory life. The government had no evidence to prove that these witnesses knew or even had any dealings with me.Furthmore, during trial the government claimed to have been investigating me for over ten years, but the only evidence they could produce against me was the charges that stemmed from the Confidential Informant-which started a month prior to my arrest, and the jailhouse witnesses statements dated and obtained after my arrest, plus their testimony had no physical evidence to corroborate their allegations. My reason for creating this web-site Is to bring some things to the public's attention that has been going on for decades, but hardly know to the public, and to gain some public support to expose the facts relating to my illegal conviction which will be helpful In vacating my sentence . Government officials are building fabricated cases from the use of jailhouse witnesses, and are orchestrating the fabrication to convictions. I have worked diligently for over five years to prove this and have all the evidence In my possession to prove that Innocent Individuals-at a mass number Lives are being taken away by illegal tactics. All witnesses In my case were two or three time prior convicted felons for trafficking nacotics, facing mandatory life sentence, and has now all substantially dropped their sentences to approximately eight years for their testimony against me .From the new change In the crack law enacted by President Obama, some has been released and the others should be released no later that this year or next year. I have the evidence to prove the Inner workings of how easily the government are fabricating cases against defendants, which this material Is sensitive, and should never fall In the hands of anyone who Is In favor of government misconduct. The majority of this evidence has been produced by well skilled Investigative team hired by my family . Please take note, that If anyone tries to harm me or destory my evidence ,the Investigative group has an official copy.
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